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Is Your Customer Service Really Serving?

Great companies always possess exceptional customer service. All things being equal, people do business with the people they trust and the people who make them feel valued. If you were given a choice and in this age of the internet, we all have a plethora of choices, would you pay the same or maybe even a little more to be guaranteed excellent customer service?

One of the three biggest questions anyone has in starting a new business is, “will you be there after the sale?” Customer service is imperative, not optional.

When was the last time you did a blind test of your own customer service? Call and purchase something from your own company. Call and speak to your own customer service. Granted, if you are a sole entrepreneur or a new owner of a network marketing business, this will be challenging. If you are that new or that size company, you probably have more time to focus on exceptional service to each of your clients. The old golden rule “do unto others and you would have them do unto you” never goes out of style.

Business week compiled a list of the top 25 customer service companies. Shop one or two of those companies and test their customer service against your customer service. No one ever thrills 100% of the people 100% of the time; however, that remains a worthy goal.

Hold training for your employees to determine how well you rank on the ten basic rules of customer service:

1. Exceed the customer’s expectations by striving for a positive experience for each one.
2. Educate yourself on your products and services in order to convey the information clearly and succinctly. Don’t build the watch when they ask you for the time.
3. Listen to your customers and learn what they need and want. It is not about what you sell, it is all about what they need to solve their immediate issue or desire.
4. Courtesy and respect are never out of fashion. Demonstrate by your words, tone and actions how much you value their business and value them as a person.
5. When you are wrong, admit it. When they are wrong, find a way to allow them to save face and go forward to work together. Sometimes it takes more finesse but it always costs less to keep a customer than go find a new one.
6. Follow up and do what you say you will do when you say you will do it.
7. Be honest about what your product or service will or will not do. Honesty up front saves problems later.
8. Give your customers the benefit of the doubt; it may be a simple misunderstanding. Handle it with courtesy with sincere questions.
9. Happy customers tell three people and unhappy customers tell ten people. Your reputation is always your golden asset; protect it.
10. The easier it is for your customers to purchase from you, the more likely they are to purchase now and return in the future. Eliminate cumbersome hoops whenever possible. In this day of credit cards providing a “buy now” clickable link increases sales.

Customer service beings in earnest the minute they decide to purchase from you. If anything, be more available after the sale than you were in the process of seeking the sale. Remember the best leaders are servant leaders and the best companies value their employees and customers; they not only value employees and customers but demonstrate that attitude constantly. Treat each customer as if your business depended on their continued loyalty; it does.

For the list of the 25 best companies for customer service and tips and techniques to improve your customer service, join me at

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The Irony Of Customer Service

Customer Service, and a strange irony.

Over the last several days I have noticed something quite ironic when it comes to the term customer service. When I was younger there was a large difference between what customer service was then and what it is now. Several times in many different places when I have ordered things I have consistently found that not only were the orders slow, they were WRONG! I could not believe that with the cost of things today there is a reasonable expectation that things should be prompt and correct. Now I turn this same logic onto the internet and I am amazed at something.

The irony that is customer service.

The FIRST thing I learned of value in online marketing was that your customers NEED to TRUST you! OH? Well that is an interesting concept because when I go to stores in the real world I am continuously shocked at how rude, inconsiderate and lazy people that work in stores are! The same people that go to an online environment and expect everything for free and if something is just a millimeter off from what they were expecting, (before reading all of the disclaimers) they are immediately asking for a refund and writing complaints about an online organization. NOW that is not to say that there aren’t a lot of scams on line, but these people, myself included will go to a store, buy something, bring it home, and if it doesn’t work right, or isn’t what they expected, they throw it into a corner, and either never think about it again, or they go get a different one.

This customer service irony blows my mind

Each time I witness this I am shocked. I watch store employees and owners being RUDE to customers, ridiculing them, or just ignoring them when they need help, and the people keep on going back to the same stores! I think it is a sad state that the people that we deal with on a face to face basis have the audacity to be that rude to people that are there to potentially spend a lot of money?! What makes me even more shocked is that these people that are treated this way continue to return to these same stores with the same owners, my self included? Why do we do that to ourselves? It’s the convenience. That’s what does it. We go to the same places because they are close to where we live, and THAT is why things in the online world are so much harder for us.

The Customer Service Reality

When it comes to running a business online, there is something you need to remember. There are another million sites out there just like yours! When you are dealing with your potential clients, members, buyers, and so on, you have to be better, no you have to be the BEST at what you are doing, at ALL times. If a customer emails you, you NEED to email them back, if they have a question, you NEED to have an answer, not just AN answer, but you better have the BEST answer! Your customer service when it comes to returns, or FAQs needs to be tip top, hassle free, honest and prompt!

When you are in the online business market, always remember that your site is just a click away from the one that is worse, and the NEXT site is just a click away from yours. Be sure that your information is accurate, original, easy to follow, and that you are highly responsive when your potential clients have questions!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips on customer service and that you will implement high quality customer service into your online endeavors, and I hope you will tweet, stumble, pin or FB this article to your friends!

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What Vital Information is Necessary For Customer Service Resumes?

Customer Service Resumes should be the easiest of all to compose since there are so many examples of work experience if you are currently employed in this area. On the other hand, with so much experience, how do you condense it down to one page as per most human resource requests? You can do it if you follow these 3 tips.

As a Customer Service Representative, you typically see the worst in people. Some don’t think that you will listen to them and come in already in a huff, making your life miserable in the process. Others don’t come in prepared with their sales slip and wonder why you can’t make magic happen. If this sounds like your situation, then creating a Customer Service Resume shouldn’t be that difficult. Let’s focus on what you need to put down on the paper. Here are 3 tips to help you accomplish your goal.

1). Consider writing a profile summary right after the contact information. This is a 2 to 3 sentence paragraph outlining your major accomplishments such as “Performed merchandise exchange while providing customers with store information on a timely basis.” But make it unique to your situation. This could include the company and number or years in a position.

2). Include some of the ways that you have dealt with difficult customers in the past. A small piece on your techniques to sooth irate customers shows that you have a level head when dealing with people. This is an art form and not too many people have this talent.

3). Be sure to put down your short and long term goals. If you are happy in the current level of employment, then state that, but if there are further aspirations, make sure to include them too. A company will look for good employees with talent to advance.

Follow these tips for creating Customer Service Resumes and you will be well on your way for that dream job.

Good Luck!

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